IRP Wall-In – Publication in Nature Photonics




The last result of the IRP Wall-In on extreme temporal compression of lightwaves in optical fibre have been just published in Nature Photonics :

N. Berti, S. Coen, M. Erkintalo, and J. Fatome “Extreme waveform compression with a nonlinear temporal focusing mirror,” Nat. Photon. (2022).

In this work, the team of the Wall-IN project has demonstrated the temporal compression of optical waveforms with compression factors up to 13,000 by exploiting four-wave mixing in a birefringent fibre. These results represent 3 orders of magnitude of improvement compared to the current state-of-the-art.

For the record, the WALL-IN project (confining walls-of-Light in nonlinear Kerr resonators) is an International Research Project focused on the study of nonlinear dynamics occurring in optical Kerr resonators. This project is managed by Julien Fatome from the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne (ICB) in Dijon (France) in collaboration with the photonics group of The University of Auckland (New-Zealand).

Temporal squeezing of a 10-Mbits data packet into a x4350 ultrafast replica

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