Last results of the IRP Wall -IN 



The last results of the IRP Wall-In, reporting the discovery of a parametrically driven cavity solitons in a chip-integrated microcavity have been just published in Nature Photonics. In this work, we have developed a new way of creating optical frequency combs based on a new form of cavity soliton in an integrated ring resonator.

G. Moille, M. Leonhardt, D. Paligora, N. Englebert, F. Leo, J. Fatome, K. Srinivasan and M. Erkintalo, “Parametrically driven pure-Kerr temporal solitons in a chip-integrated microcavity,” Nat. Photon. (2024).


Image Credit : S. Kelley/NIST

Top: In the new comb system, two pump lasers shape each tooth, producing a frequency comb that could theoretically be sharper than a comb produced by a single laser.

Bottom: The interaction between the two lasers randomly produces solitons in two different phases, which can be understood as a soliton pulse having either a positive or negative sign.

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